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Green Hill Laundry Ingredients (iii)

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The softening agent used in the Green Hill Laundry is a skin-tested (dermatologically tested), and the laundry is softer and smoother. Especially suitable for children in your home. Effectively prevent static electricity without adding incense paper, reduce pollution. Lasting aroma of 21 days, clothing can still feel the smell of flowers before the next laundry, Like it! Green Hills as early as 2009 for each machine washed clothes free of charge softener. If you feel that you do not need to use a softener, you can speak to the staff before cleaning.

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Read more about the article Green Hill Laundry Ingredients (ii)
經過香港檢定中心測試證明能對 大腸䏷菌、金黃葡萄球菌、 克雷伯氏肺炎菌等惡菌有去除作用的消毒藥水。

Green Hill Laundry Ingredients (ii)

When you choose disinfectant potions, have you noticed that most of the disinfectant potions on the market are not marked for professional testing? Most disinfection potions in the market only claim to "remove 99.9% of germs, giving you 100% peace of mind.""But did not provide proof of the test. Green Hill Laundry Before you find this problem, you have selected a good disinfectant potion-after the Hong Kong Testing Center Test proved that the large intestine 䏷 bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria and other pathogens have removed the disinfection potion. The Green Hill Laundry began in 2009, has been for each machine washing clothes or weighing pounds of laundry, free disinfection potions with the user to obtain the best protection.

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Green Hill Laundry Ingredients (i)

Green Hill Laundry using phosphorus-free (no phosphate) formula detergent are not only ECO but cleaner than people who use phosphorus-containing detergent, because of the unique blending of the laundry process. The following information is from the following websites washing powder Medical research shows that the long-term use of high-phosphorus, aluminum-containing detergent, detergent phosphorus will directly affect the body's absorption of calcium, leading to calcium deficiency or child cartilage disease; with high phosphorus-containing detergent washing clothes, the skin often has a burning feeling, is because the high phosphorus washing powder changed the acid and alkali environment in the water, making it more alkaline. If it is not possible to clean the laundry residue of phosphorus (in fact, it is difficult to do, because at least the need to rinse the clothes with water for 5 minutes to reduce phosphorus content), the accumulation of residual phosphorus in clothing will have a stimulating effect on the skin, especially the delicate skin of the baby; In addition, alkaline phosphorus-containing detergent can damage fabric, especially All wool type, long-term use of these strong alkalines…

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