Fighting “Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus”

Green Hills Laundry understands everyone's concerns about fighting the epidemic. In fact, all our laundry are washed, and each machine will be added with disinfectant to protect guests and our colleagues.After our internal discussions, we decided to double the amount of (2x) disinfectant for free. We hope that our little strength can work through the difficulties with you. Hong Kong people, cheer Hong Kong.According to the data, the "Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus" will be destroyed at 56 ° C. Our dryer is set at 70 ° C for 30 minutes. Theoretically, the "Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus" can be eliminated. Please rest assured.

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Washing methods for various garment fabrics

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If you pay attention to the washing method, can reduce the environmental impact Cotton (Cotton) washing method:  Good alkali resistance, can be used all kinds of detergent, can be washing machine wash, but not chlorine bleaching;  White clothing can be used alkaline detergent high-temperature washing, bleaching effect;  Do not soak, stains should be washed in time;  Should be cool hanging dry, to avoid exposure, in the sun drying, will be inside outward, lest dark clothes fade;  Wash separately from other clothing;  Soak time can not be too long, avoid fading;  Do not wring. Hemp Quality (Linen) washing method:  The washing requirements of cotton fabric are basically the same;  Washing should be more gentle than cotton fabric, avoid rubbing vigorously, avoid hard brush wash, avoid force twisted. Wool (Wool) Washing method  Non-alkali, should be selected using wool detergent, recommended dry cleaning;  Cold water soak for a short time, the washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees;  Use squeeze wash, bogey twist, squeeze to remove water, evenly placed dry or binary hanging dry, do not expose;  Wet or semi-dry plastic, can remove…

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