Our main environmental policy is “to reduce”

  1. Lightweight our plastic bags, purchase a lighter, thinner plastic bag for the earth to reduce waste.
  2. Used Bio-degradable plastic bags; to reduce the impact on the ecological environment.
  3. Reducing plastic bags, packing two/three pieces hanging clothes together, packing washed clothes into one bag if possible, not to distribute outer plastic bags, to further reduce waste plastic bags.
  4. Reduce chemicals when washing, aim to purchase natural ingredients or environmentally friendly products, use appropriate detergent, softener, disinfects, oxi-bleach etc., to reduce the impact of chemicals on the ecological environment.
  5. Consume as little power as possible, using LED and T5 light tubes for the lighting. Using timer automatically turns off the shop signs. A policy to turn off the machine while idle; smartly use the residual to reduce power for the next drying cycle. Reduce temperature by 5 degrees for the drying cycle further reduce power again.
  6. Using electronic leaflets and price lists allowing customers to download by mobile phones to reduce paper consumption.

Keep the air fresh

Green hills laundry understand the importance of air quality to the health of our employees and the environment, therefore we use electric power to reduce CO2 emissions. We set up exhaust outlet in the proper position, meanwhile the appropriate filter to avoid causing a nuisance to the residents.

Cherish natural resources

Water is precious natural resources on the Earth, the business community should cherish. In-store facilities and floors are easy to clean. We formulated programming of laundry machines to minimize water consumption as well as maintaining our cleanliness.

Protect the environment

Green Hill Laundry is committed to protecting the environment, from front-line staff and logistics colleagues to the management; to release all the staff, the unity of every decision for customers, employees, community and Green Hong Kong efforts.

As a pioneer of environmental protection in Hong Kong’s laundry industry; we made a good example for the community, Hong Kong and our planet. Therefore, we have included environmental protection as our core value to our daily operations and business plans. We wish to enhance the environmental awareness of the laundry industry.

Green Hong Kong

We made great efforts dealing with stains, clothing, sewage as well as solid waste; we minimize environmental nuisances by designing operating procedures carefully. In order to create a better living environment, we balance customer service, business operation, and environmental protection.

Green Hong Kong everyone is responsible. As we work together to build better Hong Kong’s environment.