Green Hills Laundry Pro Shop brings you a new clean experience; using improved US formula detergent with additional nano-particles, so that clothing color more vivid, softer, more white, exudes a pleasant fragrance, no more slippery/ sticky hands. Effective remove stubborn stains of food, beverages, perspiration on collars and cuffs, sterilization and deodorization at the same time.

Dry cleaning

Green Hills laundry Pro Shop since the establishment our workshop, with slippery/sticky experience technician to remove stains and ironing, with the latest EU standard dry cleaning machine, automatic ironing shirts, trouser, portrait steam ironing machines. In addition to environmental protection, you get the highest standard of laundry and dry-cleaning service. So many advantages: no residue of chemical odor, no more over-ironed mark, more fresh, clean, environmentally friendly, energy saving, efficient and professional.

Washing leather/ furs/ wedding dress

Our experienced technicians’ professional and reliable cleaning service, will satisfy your requirments.

Wash and fold services/ Express laundry

we washing every order independently, hygiene, environmental friendly detergent, free softener and disinfectant provided, bio-degradable plastic bags and power-saving dryer, clean, freshness, disinfection at the same time also reduce pollution.

4-hour express laundry service is also available upon request.

Business solutions - uniforms/ school/ Sports Apparel

Tailor-made laundry planning for corporations to keep your staffs’ image clean and tidy improve working efficiency as well. Reasonable charges pickup and delivery on time.

Machine trading/ rent a machine with maintenance

Brand new or second-hand commercial/ industrial grade washing machines, dryers. Welcome to any query or consulting of laundry owner or property management.